Bride in Maui holds bouquet of flowers in hands
Maui Bride Holds Bouquet

The Cinema Verité Wedding Movies’ booking process is a simple one. We want to make it as easy for you as possible.  You already have a lot on your plate!

A great deal of preparation and organizing is involved when planning a wedding. And depending on the size and scope of your event there’s a lot of things to consider.   Hiring a knowledgeable and creative wedding planner will go a long way in coordinating many of the big details such as the coordination of vendors.

Research is required when it comes to choosing the right vendors  for you and your event-  This includes the right videographers! Quality, style, and cost will be the primary considerations.  There are couples that are on a tight budget, so affordability is what they look for first.  Then there are couples where quality and style is what’s paramount- cost is not a factor in achieving the desired vision.  We are excited to serve both ends of that spectrum.

Hawaiian Wedding Movie
Sun, Flowers, Love, Wedding!

For the couples that lead with affordability, there are sites such as Wedding Wire where couples can go through a great deal of videographers based on their budget range.  From there they can select the ones with a quality and style that they appreciate.  Finalize the vetting process by reaching out to those from that selected pool of videographers, and ask the pertinent questions: availability, process, description of the final product etc…

Sunset Affection.

So after you’ve done your research, and come back to us, fill out our reservation form, and if we are available for your date, we’ll send you our contract/invoice. With your deposit, consider your date Booked!  Cinema Verite Wedding Movies will be happy to capture the magic of your special day!

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