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Kate performs Hula

Every wedding event is unique. Two separate people coming together as ONE is a worthy occasion to document. At Cinema Verité Wedding Movies, we really enjoy the process. Whether it’s our Bronze Package or our Gold Package, our aim is always the same- capture the essence of your spacial day!

It’s not uncommon for the Bride and groom to be experiencing a myriad of emotions and thoughts on their wedding day. Their’s is going to be an experience that is completely personal and different from the perspective of any of the others present. The video offers the couple a chance to experience their wedding a second time- without the emotional charge and concerns of the day. And it’s the awareness of this fact that influences the manner in which we capture the atmosphere… the faces… the moments… the spirit of the day.

Here is what Kate V. had to say about her experience with Cinema Verité Wedding Movies:

“My partner and I did not originally plan to have professional videography at our Oahu wedding in October 2015. But as the date approached, my millennial identity kicked in, and I couldn’t help but admit that I really wanted an online wedding highlights video, both for myself and to show the loved ones who wouldn’t be able to make it. My partner acquiesced to my wish (love you hon!), and I set out on my quest to find a reasonably-priced wedding videographer on the islands. Cinema Verité was on our wedding planner’s recommendation list. They had quick and friendly communication from the first point of contact, and their services were quoted at the most affordable of all the videography vendors I reached out to. Given that wedding video is typically an overpriced expense, and definitely not one we had originally budgeted for, price and availability were the main reasons we went with Cinema Verité. In the end, we were incredibly happy we did! Working with Desi Foxe, the filmmaker and editor for our wedding video, was a wonderful experience. Even working solo that day (as planned), he was magically able to be in many places at once and beautifully captured an amazing number of important moments/angles from our ceremony and reception. I don’t even remember a bunch of cameras set up everywhere, so whatever Desi did to make it happen, he did a great job! As for our end product, it was everything we wanted and more: raw footage from the whole day, multiple perspectives and audio of key moments (ie ceremony; reception speeches and performances), and an AWESOME wedding highlights video that I could watch over and over again (and have!). It turned out more beautifully than I hoped for. Suffice to say, I have zero regrets that we ended up booking a videographer for our wedding, and I’m even happier that we chose Cinema Verité for the job. Thank you so much, Desi, for giving us a way to remember our day for years and years to come!”

Kate and Michael's Oahu Wedding
Kate and Michael’s Oahu Wedding

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