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Many of the wedding videos produced nowadays go for a stylized cinematic look. However, in order to achieve most of those shots, there’s some “staging” involved. The videographer will direct the Bride, Groom, and members of the wedding party into poses or have them perform actions. There are pros and cons of this approach.  I think the pros are obvious- you have the potential to get a really cool looking shot- boosting the artistic production value of your video. The downside is that staging shots takes time away from the actual prep that needs to happen.  Also, most weddings do not involve actors, so you do run the risk of getting a flat “performance”.


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At Cinema Verite Wedding Movies, we find great value in just being there and capturing stylized shots in the moment that they happen.   That is the challenge- to capture the magical unrehearsed, un-staged moments that happen. We are up for that challenge. We enjoy it!

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There have been wedding party members come to us on the day of, expecting that the entire pre-ceremony would be staged and acted out.  We have also had Brides, well in advance, express an interest in having no staged shots, and to use natural (available lighting).

Staging shots do have their value and their place, in the Cinema Verite Wedding Movies’ toolbox. During the photo session, we typically follow the lead of the photographer. Between the photographer’s setups, we step in to capture some vibrant posed shots, modified for motion.
Whether you hire, Cinema Verité Wedding Movies, or another company, it’s always a good idea to find out, before hand, the approach your video team will employ when capturing your special day.

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